Yacht Charter Mykonos

Perfect for fashionistas, beach residents and those who want to be pampered, Mykonos provides the central stage for a challenging and unforgettable Greek adventure.


The average temperatures in Mykonos peak in June, so the time between July and September is the best time for a summer luxury yacht charter. With the splendor of Athens shimmering from the picturesque pastel-colored villages to the ink-blue sea, and 300 sunny days on offer, it is no wonder that Mykonos is nicknamed "Capri of Greece". Nestled between Athens and Crete, Mykonos is probably the charter hotspot of the Cyclades.


For a luxury yacht charter on Mykonos, an itinerary to historical sights such as the Venetian windmills of Chora and the traditional fishing houses of Little Venice can be provided. These captivating memories of the past civilizations of Mykonos perfectly combine culture and natural beauties to bring out the romance of a Greek yacht charter.


Other places to visit on a Mykonos yacht charter could be popular Cycladic destinations such as Santorini and Naxos. The Cyclades are considered one of the most famous archipelagos in the Aegean, and each island in the group has its own captivating personality. Mykonos is a particularly popular summer destination for yacht charters, where the hedonistic nightlife really comes alive.


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